Ranketha Village


To celebrate your everlasting occasions, this is the comfortable and peaceful place that you can ever find. Ranketha Village Reception hall and Catering service will provide unmatchable quality service to any kind of celebration of your life.

We are available for you to provide complete service at your birthday parties, weddings or any other functions. We are keen in providing taste foods with welcoming service.

Our large reception hall will make you more comfortable with the facility of vehicle parking. Also we have great offers for our valued customers. We provide complete service for customers who occupy more than hundred participants for their functions. Also we offer our reception hall free of charge to the customers who take our catering.

Apart from the catering service and reception hall, we also provide



Jaya Mangala Gatha Teams  

Wedding cakes and cake structures

Dancing Groups  




Music Groups  


Church decorations  

And many more..

All these services are for very reasonable prices and our services always meet our customer expectations.

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