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The newest addition to the city of Hatton, a venue with understanding of nature - ROZELLA BANQUETS set among the misty mountains, turned around with velvety tea bushes stands majestically ROZELLA BANQUETS, a venue away from the traditional crowded cities, in to a serene peaceful atmosphere blended with nature. This 5000 sq. ft. facility was opened recently with a modern kitchen to cater to weddings, conferences, meetings or even product launches or musical arrangements. ROZELLA BANQUETS is located at Rozella with ample parking and space in and around for any event.


A professional chef and his experienced brigade will prepare your favorite cuisine or select from menu to suit royalty. The waiting staff has gone beyond the boundaries of hospitality with their guided training. Timber decks and pigmented floor and an unusual ceiling has added the extra touch whilst overlooking the tea gardens, surrounded by foliage and a large pond filled with traditional flowers. The focus of this product has been the use of much timber where possible and natural products to keep it eco-friendly.

General Information

Business Name Rozella Banquets

“Rozella Banquets”

Binoya "A" Estate, Rozella

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Land Phone 051 4924853
Mobile Phone 0777 353872

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