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Luxury Weddings- 

Our service include wholesale and retail service, customized orders for wedding frocks (different sizes, colors and designs), alteration service, special tailoring orders for menís wear and special renting packages.

We commit ourselves to offer high quality goods, one-step service and reasonable prices.We are direct importers and distributes of wedding frocks, party frocks, menís suits, and accessories.One of our objectives is to offer best quality products for lowest prices. So we offer special discounts to our customers considering the type of the order.Our aim is to provide you friendly service and exceptional shopping experience beyond your expectations.

General Information

Business Name Luxury Weddings
Address No:42/A, Kandy Road, Dalugama, Kelaniya.

Contact Details

Contact Person Luxury Weddings
Land Phone 0112 916 445
Mobile Phone 071 494 69 30, 071 41 80 700 , 071 491 67 05

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