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Your dream wedding becomes a reality, here at CTC Receptions, where you will cherish all your significant moments, thanks to our finest wedding planners who will help you create the fairytale wedding you hoped for when you arrived here. Our well-trained and highly competent staff will offer you the best of services you are yet to encounter. Our services include



    Culturally diversified wedding arrangements (Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Catholics, etc…)

    Stage with oil lamp and settee decor

    Floral arrangements for tables and elegant covers for chairs

    A wide range of menus to be served in buffet-style

    A special main table and a table for the cake structure

    A band stand and dance floor

    A photogenic garden

    A room for use on the day of the wedding

    A complimentary overnight stay for the bridal couple with special honeymoon   decorations

General Information

Business Name CTC Receptions
Address 562/F, Udaya Mawatha, Anuradhapura

Contact Details

Land Phone 025 4 925 925
Email mhmdjazz@gmail.com

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