Avani Kalutara Resort


Breathe in that fresh sea air and feel the warmth of the sun against your skin. Before you, lies the Indian ocean; behind you, the Kalu river, twisting almost 100 miles back to Sri Pada, the sacred mountain believed to be the footprint of the Buddha.

Where the river meets the ocean, you’ll find AVANI Kalutara Resort, and discover a place where your dreams of an island paradise come true.

Skim the white waves of the Indian Ocean on board a traditional fishing boat, or watch the sunlight glitter on the water as you kayak along the riverside… it’s almost like you’re paddling through diamonds.

Later, draw close to the warmth of the beach-side fire and share stories of another incredible day. Savour every bite of that juicy fresh seafood and enjoy a sunset that’s beautiful beyond belief…

Wedding Venues

That special day calls for an even better and inviting setting that will entice and excite. Here at AVANI Kalutara Resort, we create the most picturesque backdrop for you to make the most of when planning your wedding. Our lush green lawns that open out into mesmeric panoramas of the Kalutara lagoon and the Indian Ocean make for a soothing environment for you to say ‘I do’.

We offer you the convenience of a personal wedding planner who will take you through every important detail and also entertain your ideas in creating a beautiful ceremony. If it is an evening wedding then choose the privacy of our banquet section that will be enriched by the magic of a tropical sunset.

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